Friday, March 8, 2013

I'm not Justin Beiber

True story from my glamorous life.

I worked on a movie that stars Justin Timberlake. (Yes, he's very nice.)

While we were shooting in NJ, the location turned into a total mob scene - hundreds of kids, and a bunch of ladies hoping for a glimpse of the man.  I kinda feel sorry for him.


I'm running around with equipment and whatnot, and it's COLD outside.  So I'm wearing a baklava amongst other things (the woolly thing that goes over your face, not the dessert).

Some kids decided since a Famous Person was in their town, and I was hiding my face, that I must be famous, too!  (Because movie stars push around hampers full of heavy crap in sub freezing weather, outside.)

A couple of my workmates were present for this exchange:

"Are you Justin Beiber?"


"Well, are you famous?"

I thought about using the 'infamous' joke, but didn't think they'd get it.  These were fairly young kids (what they were doing outside at that hour of the evening, I'll never know).


"I'm huge in Japan."


Now you can tell your friends that you follow the blog of the self proclaimed biggest female Elvis impersonating karaoke superstar of a country she's never visited.   Because that's what I eventually became, as the night wore on.