Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The house that we built (sorta)

The Significant Other and I are moving. Again (sigh). Hopefully, this will be the last one for quite a while (fingers crossed. Again.).

Unlike last year (told ya we've been doing this a lot), we have more than a single, frantic weekend in which to haul two packrats' lives worth of oddities. Also, unlike last year, the house had been abandoned by it's previous occupants, and left to the mercies of the elements.

Burst pipes, animal leavings, three year old food - as if the other family had merely stepped out for the afternoon, always intending to return after lunch, but had somehow forgotten the way back.

I particularly like the sugar maple that's trying to grow from the moulding on the picture window.

Each whimper is accompanied by a little thrill, though (we HAVE a picture window. Mold on the basement carpet...we have a basement!!! Kitchen cabinets full of mice - our own kitchen cabinets!)

It cuts into my writing and other useful things a great deal, including this little online diary adventure. Apologies for the random timing of the previous posts, and probably upcoming ones for the next few months.

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