Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New gig and pics (finally) up!

Hi guys!

I've been away on a couple of shoots with no to limited computer access - hoping to remedy that in a few weeks.

Honestly, not much going on via the writing end - production hours are brutal. I'm trying to force a few hundred words out a night, but I just end up falling asleep with a pen up my nose. (Yes, literally - as my head drops, I seem to have laser accuracy with my left nostril and the cap of the pen.)

I seem to have misplaced my little sketchbook as well, which stinks. More upset about my fat handled mechanical pencil with the squishy bit. Ah well, I expect it will turn up somewhere.

The new work boots I ordered arrived - alas, one size too large. Which amazes me - for being a very small animal, I have banana boat feet. So, I'll return them today and await the proper size.

Links to some fun pictures that I've taken available in the title of this post.

I'm also perusing netbooks - Asus looks like a winner right now. The desktop replacement unit that I already own is just not a practical traveler at 17" and almost 18 pounds. Yikes, right?

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