Monday, November 16, 2009

My Salvation (Army, that is!)

When looking for costumes and props on a low budget adventure, thrift stores are your best friend!

So far, we've found matching candle holders, stripper shoes, and various other errata to add that all important perceived value to the production. (More on that later!)

Now, for really specific items you'll have to do more digging and have more time than we currently have; but I swear, you can find ANYTHING in these places...

I wish I was home, so I could actually get that creepy wire dress form! Somehow, I doubt that shipping would make it a worthwhile purchase.

In any case, our next installment of this blog will discuss how to add that perceived value to your short film.

On a completely different note, finished and sent off another chapter of the novella - it's chugging along like a coal powered freight train, but getting there!

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