Saturday, November 20, 2010


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Hey guys! It's been a kind of crazy season, which means not a lot of time for meaningful blogging.

What it does mean though, is new toys!! Such as the 50mm prime lens that came in the mail this week.

I hadn't had a chance to bust it out until this afternoon, and my darling SO was playing with some prop flavored items that we have kicking around the place. As a bonus, he happened to be in front of my new black backdrop!

The lighting is overhead bounce from our ceiling light, and the glow of the computer monitor he's sitting in front of :).

For some reason, all of my photos of humans tend to look much more posed than they really are - he didn't even know I had the camera out until I said 'HEY!'

I'm not sure why, as most (like this one) are completely unplanned.

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