Thursday, February 24, 2011

I will eat almost anything

I had a location scout today for an unrelated project, but that's boring, so I figured I'd confide in all you wonderful people instead.

Everyone has an inner child somewhere, or so I've been told.  Mine lurks so close to the surface that I might as well still be four years old sometimes.  One example is that I love texture - so much of the world comes in through our fingers!  I adore visiting posh shops around the holidays, just so I can feel all of the sweaters on display.  It takes real self control not to run my hands through barrels of flour or dried beans at bulk food stores, they just feel so marvelous.  The staff neither understands nor appreciates the sheer tactile pleasure of running your hands through barrels of dried peas, though.

For whatever reason, I'm very aware of certain basic instincts (no, probably not what you're thinking!).  The dear SO bought some chain maille making supplies for his new hobby, including these really cool glass rings to weave into some projects.

Upon unpacking them, I had this almost irrepressible urge to put them in my mouth - they look like little life savers, only brighter, shinier, with some sort of beautiful depth.  (While I managed to keep my mouth glass free, I can totally why a toddler would want to try and eat one.)


  1. With me it's smelling things. Particularly flowers in other people's gardens.

    I like touching too but I'm a bit less keen to taste!

  2. Oh yes - I discovered a bakery on the lower west side by following the smell for blocks!

    I'm a firm believer that flowers should be smelled.