Thursday, March 15, 2012

Failure to Communicate #1

I just worked 40 hours in two days.  While this isn't unusual, it leads to conversations like this.

Boyfriend: 'I unplugged the toilet.'

O.o ????

The toilet has no electrics.  We live in a rental, why did you remove the toilet from the wall?! I'm having visions of grey water all over our second floor apartment, and he's sitting watching anime perfectly calmly.  I start having a babbling, confused fit.

He watches, face ever so carefully neutral, eyes shining. 'The toilet was clogged.  I unplugged it.'

OH. RIGHT.  When overtired, I forget that many words have more than one meaning.

I go to make use of our pristine, functioning bathroom, gales of laughter following in my wake.

'My girl is special.'

Yup.  That's me.  'Special' is a great word.  So many inferences.

I'm just glad the toilet works.

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