Monday, August 6, 2012

A Day in the life of Ivan De Freelancer

I had originally written this as a frustrated facebook post, but enough people seemed amused that I decided to share it here.

There's an action game called Freelancer. I should make one.
Wake up. Check email. Send invoices from completed jobs. Check status on pending gigs. Go to mailbox. Open. Recieve junkmail. No check. Swear. 

Fuck off on the internet. Download new tutorials. Drool over new gear. Realize it isn't in the gear budget column. Handle three phone calls from the clueless, cheap, and really stone

Get cranky. Realize that coffee is needed. Brew coffee. Fix cup. Phone call from client you've been courting for a week. Could be promising. Hang up. Coffee is cold.

Design new business cards. Organize reciepts. Give up organizing receipts.

Rework business cards. Order cards.

Open fridge. Look at elderly styrofoam package. Go out for lunch.

Load old footage, intending to make reel. Grimace. Juggle clips for three hours, give up.

Get script for coverage in email. Start doing said coverage. Use bathroom. Get grossed out. Clean bathroom.

And so on.


  1. Thanks! It's definitely pretty typical of off days. Shoot and prep days are different, of course, but this is the background kind of day that makes the interesting days happen.