Saturday, July 27, 2013

My thoughts on the Economy

No matter how hard I work, I will never be a Rockefeller.
It's a myth.

Now I do believe if I work SMARTER, I can live comfortably and have some level of retirement.
But running harder in the same hamster wheels isn't going to help.

I'm embracing my inner lazy fucker.

Making a store to sell my work that's totally hands off.

Doing more and more board operating jobs, where I can sit on my but and get paid key rates because I smart.
Learning to think of it like digging ditches.

One man with a pickaxe, no matter how hard he works, can only do so much work and bring in so much money that way.
One thing he can do is improve his tools, to dig faster.

Another thing is improve his education, which leads to better ditches, and higher profile jobs, so he can charge more per ditch.
The hardest working guy with a pickaxe may work 100 times harder, but he's still only making five bucks an hour.

The guy who's learned how to use a backhoe and charges per job makes a lot more.

The guy who's learned irrigation and designs the ditches that he has the other two to build, is going to do much better.

None of them will ever be the guy that inherited the land in the first place.

But whining about that changes nothing, and I'd rather be the guy designing the irrigation than the one with the pickaxe.


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