Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bad Blogger, no biscuit!

Hello, patient friends and readers!

I've been a bad, bad blogger this summer - two posts in three months? For shame!

I do have reasons, the gossip of which I'll share with you now.

I was working on movies and Rock n Roll.

Two movies, in fact.

One of them was called Peace, Love, and Misunderstanding, shot in upstate New York, and starring Katherine Kaneer and Jane Fonda.  Mz. Kaneer is marvelous, I look forward to both working with her again, and seeing her performances.

Another is called Summer Child, starring no one in particular, and also shot in upstate NY.

I also worked the Bethel Woods summer concert season - always a great time with fabulous crew and some great acts.  (Special kudos to the country group who came in with a longhorn - skull shaped mirror ball bigger than my car!)

Of my remaining few hours, I greedily slept them away rather than keeping you folks updated - I apologize for the brevity, and can't guarantee it won't happen again at some point.

By the end of the coming week, I will have worked ever Celtic tour currently sweeping the countryside.  Somewhere in there, I will post my project for's NOIR contest.

It'll be awesome, and you should totally enter:

I can almost guarantee your project will be better than mine!


  1. I haven't blogged either because I've been busy with...


    Well there was, no.


    Hey look over there, shiny!

    (Glad you are keeping so busy. :))

  2. Hahah - as I recall, you have at least one major reason to be distracted, who will start walking soon...