Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Celtic Thunder and crazy naked man

Finished that Celtic Thunder tech through and DVD shoot, and developed a dead-on Dublin brogue while doing it.  For whatever reason, if I'm working 12+ hours a day with people who have an accent different than mine, I end up talking like someone (someplace?) else.

I am now slowly working the word 'mine' back into my vocabulary, and filing away useful bits of slang in case I ever have need of them again.

The hours were bollocks (bad), but the crew to a man was the dog's bollocks (completely fantastic).  I guess this equates to the US difference between 'shit' and 'the shit'.  Interesting, how the entire connotation of a word can go from such a negative to a positive with just a little modifier!

I have some scene rearranging and thinking to do about the novella, and glad to have a little time to get back to it. I would like to publish again before I'm 80...

So the other interesting part of my week...the crazy naked man.

Originally, this fellow contacted me to do a charcoal drawing for a poster - a poster for some avant guarde theater performance where he's naked and tied up.  That bit doesn't really bother me - I have performer friends who stick fish hooks in their eye sockets, or get branded and suspended from piercings on stage.  (Not everyone's cup of tea, but I've seen some interesting things.)

This dude, however, managed to creep the hell out of me.  How?

He FaceBook requested me, supposedly to talk about poses.  The conversation quickly degenerated into things like 'will you enjoy tying me up' (no, it will be part of the job and you wouldn't actually be tied up - this is a drawing) to 'bring your friends and they can eat sushi off of my naked body' (ewwww - can we say sanitary issues, much?).   Around the time that he offered to 'let me make more money' by 'having my friends take him to clean their homes naked while his clothes stay at my place'  I told him that I'm an artist, not a dominatrix, and he really needs to find a professional to fulfill his needs.

Yeah.  Creeped.  I can't even make this stuff up.  There's a huge difference between commissioning a drawing and getting your jollies off, and I draw.  Gack.  Hack. Spew.

I hope you are as befuddled as I am, and at least twice as amused.  I need some mental floss.

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