Monday, February 13, 2012

Stories of glamour - overnight in Central Park

Another request I got was for stories 'from the front', as it were.

I apologize in advance for not making much sense here - I've been up for a few days.  (How's that for a glamorous example of what working in film and theater is like?)

One of my least favorite aspects is often dealing with weather.

In this case, setting up and tearing down a fashion show in Central Park in February.  It was 20 degrees.  The first day, I wore two sets of long underwear under jeans.  Wind tore right through all of it - I felt like I had forgotten to put on pants at all.

So I went out and bought a pair of waterproof snow pants instead of sleeping.

We did an overnight, outdoors, in 20 degree weather.  The drinking water was slush, it snowed, the cables were frozen, and I got windburn.  Ahhh, showbiz.  Highlights of the evening included sophomoric commentary about frozen cables (you could hold them out up to four feet from your body, and they'd be straight and stiff - not good for one inch diameter electrical cable, but great for dick jokes) and deconstructing Chapterhouse Dune while waiting for a truck to arrive.

So, that's a reality around fashion week.  40 hours of labor in two days for a 13 minute show that's probably been forgotten by now.

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