Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Daddy Diaries

No, I'm not a dad myself.

As a creative working in an industry that more and more isn't (video), it gives me the hankering to do projects that are fun and meaningful to me.

Most of what I want to do is rather epic in scope, diametrically opposed to my out of pocket funding source.  I'd love to do great, dystopian science fiction; or huge fantasy creations.

What ends up happening though, is that I end up stymied by lack of funds and schedules of my other industry friends - who are great and more than willing to help, but likewise can't afford to work for a month on a free project, however they may like me personally.  It's okay, I understand.

While wracking my brain to come up with a project that I could do on my own and (unlike the stop motion) complete in a matter of days rather than months, I reconnected with an old college buddy.

Like many of my peers, he has a kid now.  (Where DOES the time go?)  His daughter is hilarious, and does the most amazing things.

I thought his stories were just too good not to share, so I am.

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