Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The need for paper

Hi guys.

I know I haven't posted in a while, my bad.  I can't think of anything really notable that's happened recently to talk about.

I should bring a notebook with me again.  For some reason, I thought the smartphone would replace ever needing paper notes.  For most things, like phone numbers and scheduling, this is true.

The weakness comes in that I'd stopped really writing down any ideas or amusing anecdotes that I came across.

I'd think, 'I bet the guys would like to hear about this one', and then promptly forget what was so interesting.

So,  I'm going back to paper.  Hopefully, new things will be more forthcoming.


  1. When I went back to writing my play, bought a simple cheap composition notebook. Found too often I was inspired on the subway or bus or in transit and thought I'd write it down when I got home, at which point it didn't sound as good. My handwriting is awful but glad Ive done it. You will too!

  2. Agreed. The simplicity of pen and paper vs. booting up a laptop or app for just a quick note can't be beat.

    Paper purchased. Mischief soon to be managed.