Friday, August 14, 2009

Word Counts, and house updates #2

Shoggoth: 20,200

Thomas: still 10,000

New Fantasy: 1,000

We have internet!!! I was feeling a touch of withdrawl, though I think that I'll limit my on computer time from now on - it does seem to cut into my productivity, and aggrivate the insomnia. Dealing with the cable guy was an adventure all by itself.

I hadn't mentioned this before, but I had something nasty 'eating' at my face - redness, swelling, bumps that weren't anything I'd seen before. It really does mess with the self esteem. I went to the doctor...

Turns out that I actually am allergic to sunlight. After all those years of joking about it, the reality is just so peculiar.

The house still looks like fall out from a trash bomb. As one of my neighbors sagely said, 'Little at a time, little at a time.'

Hoping to have at least one of these rough drafts finished before October. We'll see.

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