Sunday, August 9, 2009

Word Counts, and house updates

Shoggoth thingie: 18,000

Thomas: 10,000

As of today. I'm hoping with all you lovely people watching, I'll be motivated to keep those numbers climbing. I've a mountain of unstarted ideas, which I won't bother anyone with right now :)

Celebration! Due to all our hard work and insanity, the house is not only mouse poop free - but has electricity AND running water!!!! (I just can't explain what a thrill this is, seeing a house going from this grime encrusted shell full of garbage to a place that's starting to feel like a home.)

I'm starting to think the previous occupants were squirrels. Large, people shaped squirrels, gathering all manner of plastic bags, disposable cookware, and whatever else might have been scarce during a long, cold, nuclear winter. Every cabinet and cranny is a new archaeological dig!

We should be completely moved in soon now; at which point I will collapse in my brand new, glorious bedroom, sleep for a week straight, and begin the quest for furniture.

Right now, we bring with us one bookshelf, a bed, and an elderly dresser. Never had the space nor need for other things before, as they sort of appeared and disappeared with each domicile.

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