Friday, December 11, 2009

Ophelia the Coffee Cup

I'm not normally one to name inanimate objects (other than '%&$^ thing I tripped over), particularly not coffee cups - which I lose with alarming regularity. Particularly when I've worked several eighteen hour days in a row...but that's another story for another time.

I have one coffee cup that I've never lost, for some reason. It was a freebie, from Willoughby's Coffee and Tea in New Haven, CT. It's been all over the country with me, and remained relatively unscathed until this past autumn.

While resting on a plinth near the production truck, it took it upon itself to take a suicidal dive into a nearby stream. I was not there to witness the events. One of my coworkers heroically fished the erstwhile travel mug from it's otherwise certain watery demise (my hero!). A bit of the lid broke off, and it bathed in mud and gravel, but was otherwise unscathed. And a bit of a scar adds character, no?

Another co-worker informed me of the adventure by telling me that the cup had changed it's name to Ophelia.

I used my mug as a puppet to quote Shakespeare for the rest of the week.

Things like that are why I love my job.

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