Friday, December 18, 2009

Putting the work away for a while

I was cleaning up an older short I had written for submission, and much of my original perception of it had changed.

The dialog was far stronger than I remembered (go me!) and flowed believably and beautifully - what a thrill!

On the other hand, the descriptive and action passages clunked harder than an engine with no oil - right before it throws a rod, leaving you stranded on the side of the interstate at three a.m.

When I originally wrote this piece, I was under the mistaken impression that both aspects were decent, if not glowing. Surprise...

It's always a good idea to put that piece away for a little while after you write it. The good bits are never quite as good, and the bad never quite so horrid, as they first appear.


  1. Agreed, even extending it to after you have shot the film, put it aside before you try and do anything with it....the last one I worked on, upon watching the rushes, I almost cried...however watching it as it was meant to be seen (with bg music, edited, etc) I find that it's just amazing....

  2. So true! When working on a personal project, if you have the time to - always better to shelve the footage for a week or so. That way, the memories of the day aren't heavily covering the actual work.

    I've had days that were just awful, and the footage was good - but all I could think about was how poorly the day went. And vice versa, of course.