Sunday, June 13, 2010

Adventure game reviews...

My other love in this universe, besides writing (and making movies of course) is video games.  In particular, puzzle/adventure style games.  The MYST series remains my favorite (except URU - kind of a mess imo), and I've been considering adding reviews of these as well - if not for one big reason:

Aside from graphics and gameplay, the story makes or breaks one of these games for me.  And the more engaging the story, the more likely I am to buy the game.

Writing some of these can be as simple as dialogue and character development (as if that were ever really simple).  Others, the story forms from visual clues, recordings - it's the ultimate 'show', where the player learns about the world and the situation from artifacts, and the story unfolds in a truly organic manner (MYST, Riven, Fallout, BioShock, for example).

I'd like to look at some of these from a story telling standpoint.


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