Monday, June 14, 2010

One Hour Game Review 2 - Mystic Gallery

In this game, I guess you're supposed to be an apprentice at an art gallery?  I'm not really sure.

The 'history' of the gallery is presented in huge chunks of backstory text (I largely ignored it) given to the player by a mediocre still figure of the gallery owner.

The hidden object bit itself is full of 'mystery meat' - rather than creating original art, there are famous paintings deluged with random objects in incredibly random places.  Sometimes one must click on the correct object several times before it's acknowledged.  This gets irritating, as it effects your score.

The mini - game wheel on the side gets annoying fast; just send me to the game.  The mini-games themselves feel pretty tedious.  What original art there is, is uninspiring.

Another annoying factor is the score calculator.  The same still figure pops up wearing a different dress, an acid green curtain rises (aren't these supposed to be galleries? with taste?) and then the 'other branches' of the gallery flip cards and give Olympic style scores.  There's no way to skip this, and it's just annoying.

I didn't even finish my free demo.  This one is a pass.

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