Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bad covers, yard work, and etc.

Many of these covers are dated, more amusing that completely awful.  Others...

Long week into long weekend.  One of the downsides of having a yard is working on it.  Although, hacking away at sapling sized sumac while the horrified neighbor looks on through his window?  Priceless.

The SO has informed me that I have a 'mom voice'.  The squirrel in the wall was up and squirreling around at nine o clock last night.  Nine!  I thought these things had bedtimes.  So, I expressed the thought, with extreme volume, toward the offending wall.

I expect telling anyone that it's past their bedtime, loudly, will give anyone that 'parent' tone.

Also - screw you, weather.

The past week was in the 50's during the day, 30's at night - cold enough that I hadn't put away my winter jacket.

Today - 80 and humid.  WTF?

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