Monday, June 8, 2009

Crushes on imaginary people - I have tons.

A friend of mine is in love with Edward (for my thoughts on Twilight, see previous posts).

As the eyerolling commenced, she wanted to know what was the problem with having a crush on an imaginary character? Essentially, it's harmless fantasy, as long as you don't end up with unrealistic expectations of real people.

Absolutely. My issue was taking up an imaginary affair with a character that has no personality, no flair. He's described as 'perfect', and that's about it. How much duller can you get?

I got through a rather stormy break up by having a wild fling with Fox Mulder, and moving on to Jon-Luc Picard.

My current imaginary boyfriends are: Spider Callahan (Transmetropolitan:Comic), and Alan Shore (Boston Legal:TV series).

So I like bad boys. Witty, sarcastic bad boys who use their mental prowess to dance verbal circles around their opponents, as well as gain what little ground they can for the common man.

For the record, I've been personally compared to Gregory House. (Hadn't seen the show until a film cast started calling me 'House' - at which point, I had to see what they were talking about.) They were right, I do see the similarities. So much, in fact, that it would never work. Sorry Dr. House, we're just too much alike.


  1. the twilight actor doesn t really do much for me :) blond guys with dark eyes are usually either boring looking, either artificial looking. This one falls in the last category :p

    imaginary crushes never hurt people :D but it depends what you do with them (the imaginary people) . i just take the looks and substitute their personality with somehting more interesting :))

  2. Absolutely - you can do anything to an imaginary person, they tend not to complain too much :).

    Only becomes an issue when unrealistic expectations are projected onto real people.