Sunday, June 28, 2009

WHY people 'hate' Manga...

They don't. There are just a whole lot of very new artists trying to draw their favorite characters - who trace and draw poorly.

And there's little more frustrating than spending time critiquing a work, only to have some twit come back with 'It's ma STYLE, and u jus don't UNDERSTAND'.

Yes, we do understand. Understand that without the basic skills, everything you do will be weak. Great anime and manga artists understand and use - anatomy, composition, vanishing points, etc.

There's no point to trying to stylize something, if you don't understand how it works in the first place. You don't HAVE a style yet - 'bad' is not a style.

Each person's personal style develops over time - no two mark - making methods are the same.

The best place online that I've found to learn about art:

From a plethora of artists to share experiences with, tutorials, workshops, competitions - places like this are great for getting your draw on.

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