Thursday, June 25, 2009

Writing Comics!

I haven't tried to write a comic/graphic novel script for someone else, yet. The format is COMPLETELY different than every other type of writing, and honestly, I'm not yet up for learning yet another format well.

Here are a few links to guidelines, for those that are interested:

As you can see, they're sort of an entity unto themselves. Each panel is described in terms of character, place and action, with dialogue as needed. Since I like to draw, I may do one of these myself and post the sorry example if we're interested in persuing this further.


  1. hi, thank you very much for posting these links!!!

    a lot a of very usefull information :) i couldn t stop reading all afternoon. great way of explaining basic concepts and workflow :)

  2. You are most welcome! I've been a comic book fan for years, just never went after it (yet).

    Each publisher should have their submission guidelines on the website.

  3. it s just a personal project i m working on in my spare time :). I think i have a looot more to learn, before it s suitable for poeple s eyes :)) Especially in the drawing part :P

  4. Scott McCloud's books are the BEST for understanding the world of graphic storytelling. They're available pretty much everywhere.

  5. i only read will eisner so far. i got these days scott mc cloud and yup, his books are wonderful :)

    thank you again :P