Thursday, April 22, 2010

Another runner up for the Wingnut Award

This is certainly a newer twist on the batshit crazy retardation we've been seeing lately, and goes as follows:

Terrible writer writes Gary-Stu fic in which he magically kills, maims, haunts, etc, his imaginary 'enemies' (mostly taking the form of editors, or anyone who 'doesn't recognize mah geniuz'). Puts it online to be read and praised - guess which one of the two happens?

The expected butthurt explosion occurs, of course. What wasn't expected:

This same writer deciding he'll 'show them' by offering these works (and I use the term loosely) for sale on Amazon:

Notice the now ubiquitous poorly written and vague five star reviews which are de riguer for any desperate vanity published writer! And the backlash...

Not content with spreading crazy through his own blogs, he's gone so far as to attack real writers, accusing them of stealing his stories and profiting from them!

Brian Keene and his editor respond:

(Note: in order for anyone to WANT to steal a story, there sort of needs to be a story to begin with, rather than a functionally illiterate Gary Stu revenge fantasy...)

This nut has also tried to scam various writing conventions, attempting (laughably) to contact them as a published writer asking for all attendance expenses and to be put on panels! Failing that, he contacts said convention, 'warning' them about the 'plagairizing' writers that ARE on the panels, along with other vague and ranting threats.

As a shock to no one, these threats are met first with confusion, then with amusement and derision.

A special thanks to my friend Roy, for bringing this asshat to my attention.

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