Monday, April 26, 2010

Poor Mrs. Rowling

The greedy, desperate, and underhanded are at it again! There's another lawsuit against the creator of the Harry Potter series regarding the intellectual ownership of wizards named 'Harry'.

I read some of the (again - what is it with these people?) semi - literate, horrible sentence construction of this (again) vanity pubbed writer. I couldn't figure out for the life of me what an adult, wild - west sci-fi flavored ADULT novel had to do with the Potter franchise...

...apparently, no one else can figure it out either.

Plus, these people cannot seem to parse the difference between plagiarism and a derivative work - though neither applies here.

(To nip this in the bud, since I've heard it before: Harry Potter and Tim from The Books of Magic, are both brunette English wizards who wear glasses. The similarities end there. Read before rant, ok?)

There was another, even more ridiculous lawsuit regarding 'muggles' - I'll have to dig up the eye-rolling details for further derision.

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